Our Company

Intelligent Solutions is a Security driven IT company which employs top quality professional computer scientists and computer engineers.

Our aim is to provide specialized services to companies which requiring IT consulting and implementation. Our Company provides a variety of products and services that bring together the entire IT environment.

From Web Designing to Customized Software and Integrated Solutions to Web Hosting and Networking setups, trunky solutions, and up to the complete Network Security Cycle, we claim to have the best professionals to fulfill your needs and inject new ideas, resulting to an increase in your people’s productivity.

Intelligent Solutions is a Company created in 2008 with the aim to provide high quality services and employ the best technology products. We develop and implement efficient, affordable and user friendly solutions to meet enterprise needs and requirements.

We provide a variety of products developed both by us and by our partners. We carefully choose our partners based on their products and efficiency. Human computer interaction principles are applied on all aspects of our work. Either software or hardware we make it very easy for the end user to understand and work from the first time.


The need for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability has driven the business world to the need of Information Security. Our company is Security driven at all hierarchical levels and on all products and services. We do not just install firewalls, antivirus, and all the anti-tools.

We Apply the Principles of Information Security in the way that they must be applied from theoretical level to practice. This is our culture and our pride.